About Marketplace

About Marketplace

A store based on NwiCode CMS can do many things out of the box. But it is impossible to be able to do everything. Sometimes you need to:

  • add some feature to your store; 
  • make some major changes in your store appearance;
  • find a person or a company to modify the store on your request.

That’s what NwiCode CMS Marketplace is for. This is the place for you to find add-ons, themes, or a developer company. Here you can make your NwiCode CMS store more powerful, beautiful, functional, and user-friendly.

We store the files of add-ons and themes in the Marketplace, just as developers do on their servers. It means that you will have another place to download them from. Like if a developer suddenly gets shut down, its data center is captured by raiders, or there is an earthquake, a volcanic eruption, or another epidemic. You can always download the distribution of the product you purchased. 

  • Many add-ons and developers have reviews. We make sure that they come from the real owners of NwiCode CMS stores.
  • We test some of the add-ons to confirm their compliance with the NwiCode CMS standards. Such add-ons have a special label in the Marketplace.

We plan to develop the Marketplace to make it even more useful for you. Ideally, we want to make it possible for Marketplace add-ons to be purchased and easily installed in the NwiCode CMS admin panel without any unnecessary efforts. It’s a long way to go, but that’s what we are striving for.